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Subscribers MagnetSubscribers Magnet is a list building plugin for WordPress, it’s developed by MaxBlogPress – the company that specializes in WP plugins for Internet marketers.

We all know that money is in the list and that it’s hands down the best way to monetize a blog. So how do we build a list? Essentially by sticking in optin forms everywhere on your blog.

Subscribers Magnet is a very versatile plugin that lets you create optin forms and place them in a variety of places on your blog. These places include:

  • Sidebar
  • Footer bar
  • Single posts
  • Comments
  • Popins
  • And anywhere you can place a special tag in

In addition, the plugin offers these features that will help you increase the optin rate even more:

  • Prefill the form with the name and email that a visitor leaves when posting a comment
  • Allow the commentators easily subscribe to your list by ticking a checkbox
  • Silently subscribe commentators to your list
  • Optin tracking
  • And more

While most of the features can be implemented to your blog manually and using other free tools, this plugin has some handy features that may be hard to implement without it. The unique list building options combined with a pretty complete feature set makes Subscribers Magnet one of the must-have plugins for bloggers.

(Read more about this product on the official website...)

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Reviews & Comments

5 Responses to “Subscribers Magnet”
  1. Russell Says:

    It is clunky to use and damn ugly, it seems to have very limited ability to change any styles. The popin you have here looks great, you are are obviously not using the product your self.

    I have tried to find other feedback but there is only crickets at the maxblogpress camp.
    I would like to see other sites using it, or other users who have made it look good.

    Regards Russell

  2. Tate Says:

    Finally, an honest review! Thanks Russell for a real review. I’m so sick and tired of affiliates pumping up a product they don’t use themselves. If it’s so good why arent you using it here? It seems marketers are increasingly losing on focus on trust and integrity with all these intrusive products. If I want to a site and saw a form prepopulated with my info, I’d be freaked out and leave immediately. No way I’d use this product. I simple pop up form that allows visitors to fill out the info is enough. Just make sure you’re offer is compelling!

  3. admin Says:

    >If it’s so good why arent you using it here?

    With hindsight, I agree that it was a bit irresponsible for me to say that it’s “one of the must-have plugins for bloggers” based solely on the features. They made me a good impression and had I not my own plugins for list building, I’d very much consider using this product myself.

    But I also have a paragraph which says not to buy it if you don’t know how you will use it. I include it for most products, in fact.

    In the end, you gotta know what you want to do and use some of the product’s features if they enable you to do that. If you don’t like it at all – just move on.

    It has more features than just a popup (which Russell doesn’t like) that I thought were worth considering.

  4. Tristan Thomas Says:

    What product are you using then?

  5. admin Says:


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