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Info Product KillerInfo Product Killer is a course about building mini sites to promote physical products as an affiliate (mostly from Amazon).

The course consists of PDF manuals and videos that teach everything you need to know to make these sites and make money from them:

  • How to find hot products
  • How to set up the mini sites
  • How to do SEO and generate free traffic
  • How to use PPC to drive traffic
  • And more

All material is straight to the point and is full of real life examples that you can follow. So how does a typical Info Product Killer site work?

The idea of selling physical products gives many advantages, especially when selling through Amazon. Unlike digital products people buy physical products with a very different mindset. They know what they are looking for and they are in the buying mindset. And even though the commission is lower than that of the digital products, this gives a much higher conversion rate and a very low refund rate.

By creating a site promoting one product you concentrate all your SEO effort and rank the site high on Google for the product name. This brings only the people who want to buy that product to your site. From there you don’t need to do any real selling to make a commission. The course teaches specific SEO and link building strategies to get the required rankings and traffic.

Additionally, Info Product Killer includes a whole plan for Christmas time which is when the sales of physical products go through the roof as people are shopping for gifts.

In the most recent version of the course there’s been added the training for promoting Clickbank products in the same manner.

Other resources included in Info Product Killer are niche reports, templates and graphics, and more.

The product has some downsides that can’t go unmentioned too. The sales page has some big promises and examples of big results. However the members nearly unanimously say that it’s unlikely for someone new to this to get such results with so little work. You need to be prepared to do the due work on SEO and to generate traffic, and be prepared to see much lower income than the sales pages suggests.

(Read more about this product on the official website...)

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3 Responses to “Info Product Killer”
  1. Anne Says:

    Thanks for this review, it seems to be refreshingly honest and not the usual veiled sales pitch.

  2. Barry R. Says:

    I purchased Info Product Killer and set up about 6-7 minisites, using Network Blazer, according to the product tutorials. I must say the training videos are very good and easy to follow. This product is essentially about SEO, which involves much time-consuming linking between your website pages, using keywords, and which is, of course, what SEO is all about. I did not, by the way, make any sales from these websites. (Here’s one of them:
    If you don’t mind paying the $37 per month for the Network Blazer hosting, and are prepared to chance the possibility of your sites ranking high enough to be found, try it by all means. Maybe you’ll be luckier than I.

  3. Charel S Says:

    The software is faulty, website does not upload to Host server. The “Info Product Killer” support team cannot resolve problems.
    Seriously disappointed.

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