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IMeyeIM Eye is a new and very unique keyword research tool from Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton. The main difference from other keyword tools is that IMEye allows you to search keywords by criteria as opposed to searching by seed keyword.

We’re used to keyword tools that expand our keyword list by a given seed phrase, that give us competitive data, and other metrics. With a typical tool, you have to come up with the main niche keyword you want to research, and get a list of keywords from the tool. Then we evaluate the keyword data and go further to verify it as well as get more competitive data manually until we make a final decision to promote for that keyword.

IMEye reverses the process. Every time you research keywords you have certain criteria in mind. For example, you need keywords with less than 100k competing pages in Google and over 50k monthly searches. This tool allows you to specify just that and get keywords from almost all niches there are. You can of course narrow the results down to only your niche.

The use of IM Eye is even much more wider. Here is the data you get about keywords and the criteria you can specify:

  • Search volume
  • Competing pages in Google
  • “intitle” competing pages in Google
  • Keyword length
  • Adwords CPC estimates – cheapest and most expensive levels
  • Top 10 sites in Google SERPs
  • Adwords Ads
  • Clickbank products being promoted
  • Affiliate categories
  • If physical products sold
  • If there domains in top 10 with the exact keyword
  • If there are articles from EzineArticles directory in the top 10
  • If there are Youtube videos in the top 10
  • If there are Amazon pages in the top 10
  • If there are Yahoo! Answers in the top 10
  • If there are Squidoo, Hubpages, or Blogspot in the top 10
  • If there are any expired or expiring domains in top 10

You can use any of this data to search for. For example, if you specified a Clickbank product, you would get all keywords that the product is being promoted on. Or if you checked the EzineArticles flag, you would get all keywords that are promoted via articles in this directory. And you would get the results regardless if you specify a seed keyword.

The last bit of info is worth a story of its own – the ability to find expired domains that rank in top 10. What that means is that you can find a domain that is already ranking for a particular keyword, buy that domain, and set up a site which will immediately get targeted traffic from Google. And because these domains are expired, they are relatively cheap as compared to buying a complete site with traffic.

That’s a distinctive and unique feature of the IM Eye tool which makes it special.

So who could use this tool? Every marketer can find it useful. If you’re looking for niches to promote, you can use this tool to find the best keywords across all niches and choose by traffic and competition. Or if you’re looking to expand in your niche, you can easily locate new keywords based on the standard metrics as well as some that were only possible to be used manually before.

(Read more about this product on the official website...)

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4 Responses to “IM Eye”
  1. Imeye Review Says:

    Really cool keyword tool i wish i had this tool years back. Pin pointing money rich niche is mere seconds away with imeye.

  2. Tjäna Pengar Says:

    Really cool tool man;)

    Im gonna use it at the end of this summer;)


  3. Jessica Says:

    Any thing new with keyword tool ?

    I get tired of google keyword tool…

    I am ready to pay but must be working one..

    Thanks let me know if you can help

  4. admin Says:

    It’s still up and very much alive. Pretty much it’s the same with some improvements and bigger database.

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