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Commission Killer by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Commission Killer, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Commission Killer or other products by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

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Reviews & Comments

4 Responses to “Commission Killer”
  1. Chris Says:

    I just watched the Email and it sounds great, of course! I can not help but be skeptical due to all the scamming on the net, so I was hoping to get some feed back from somebody that has tried it. If anybody that has tried it sees this, then please post your honest opinion on here, I would greatly appreciate some real input about this to better help me decide if it’s for me or not. Thank you very much.


  2. Ivan Says:

    I do not think it’s good for newbies…they say it is but you need some skills to make it work for you…you can’t make a lot of money without knowledge…simple as that

  3. Ms. G Says:

    Hi everyone, I bought this product almost a week ago. To be honest I am a tad bit ticked off because they really suck you in with those vids. Here’s the thing, I went all in wholeheartedly so much so that I spent money on 4 domains for 2 years, then on hosting from a different site because they offered a half priced year. Now I can’t say for sure if the software is not working for me due to the hosting choice which btw are top hosters.

    But what I will say is that I spent 4 days reading, listening, watching, watching and watching and listening very carefully over and over again. Since I am not tech savvy I made sure to put all of my focus into this. I’ve managed to get the tool to get into my account to start the cash creator but once it gets to appearance and you(i) enter the title and category that’s it. Zilch nada nothing no can do. I’m not here to batch anything, it would be in my best interest for this tool to work, infact it would be extremely GREAT IF they would answer my email and help me by fixing this problem asap or atleast guiding me into how to overwrite the tool and fix it manually. So my biggest Pet Peave with them is NO SUPPORT not even ON THE MEMBERSITE, NOTHING. I Had to look into my Order receipt info to find an Email but no word nothing. Meanwhile I opened the software again and re-did everything step by step and still no go. Hopefully somebody reads this and can help me. Thx so much,

  4. Robert Says:

    I purchased this program about 6 months ago. Initially, I got support and was able to build several websites with the program. Once the killer had done it’s work my sites were up but not optimized. After asking for support and waiting patiently for a response…I finally decided I had to go it on my own and learn WordPress to optimize my sites. I now love WordPress and have about 5 sites up and running on the web with 14 more in the wings. For the $47 dollars I paid I feel I got my monies worth as I do not expect any program to rake in the dollars on it’s own. Step three is getting my sites out there and indexed by the majority of search engines. while there are only a few main search engines you must have, the more the merrier. Traffic is the name of the game. Now lets fast forward to the present. I recently had to purchase a new computer and also installed Windows 8. There seems to be a problem with the .exe file. It is reported to have a virus attached. I reported this to the support team over a month ago. I got one e-mail saying they had received my ticket but as of today it is still “waiting to be assigned”. In order to get the program to run I must turn off all my anti-virus programs. Once the initial site is up them I can use WordPress to get OPSEO and I have had 3 of 5 on page one of Bing and Google as a result. As a final word, the program builds the files as advertised, however the support after purchase is really non-existent. I hate to have to print that but this has been and still is my experience.

    I still plan on using it , hoping they will have a “fix” in the member section soon.

    For a list of my sites that I have created using “commissionkiller” please contact me. Posting them here is not acceptable in my opinion.

    Robert D. Sanders
    J Draws Computing
    Your Link to Savings (c)

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