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20 Minute Payday20 Minute Payday by Russell Brunson is a course on how to build an online business by working only 20 minutes per day.

The idea of this system is to turn your interests into a business by creating an info product about it teaching other people something you know. The course will teach you how to test the market, how to create your product, and how to get customers, how to promote your product, and so on.

Does it really take only 20 minutes per day? In my personal opinion, definitely not. It’s a perfect scenario that may be possible when you’ve done this many times before. But if you’ve never done this and you’re just starting out, multiply that number by 10 and you’ll get a more realistic time frame.

In addition to the course, there are two tools – a basic keyword tool that provides keyword data such as search volume, keyword value, and a market research tool that identifies hot niches.

Overall, it’s an inexpensive course that teaches a proven business model (info product business). It comes from Russell Brunson, a renowned internet marketer, so you can expect to find some gold nuggets in it.

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8 Responses to “20 Minute Payday”
  1. morning sickness cures Says:

    Thanks for the honest review on 20 minute payday. I took a look at your free report blueprint too and found it very useful. Thanks!

  2. Dan D Says:

    I bought 20 minute payday 2 hours ago and recently was able to make over $130! This is the greatest course ever!!

  3. artikel motivasi Says:

    Of course at first you’re not going to need just 20 minute per day. They’ve already stated that at first they needed hard work but eventually it’s paid off.

    It’s a great product, and I really liked it!

  4. Monhi Says:

    I had a hard time getting started with this because you have to come up with a product or find a product to purchase and turn it into your own. There’s alot of creativity involved which is something I an NOT good at. There are alot of excellent content in this system and I can see how it could work for others. I did call their office though and they referred me to an excellent affiliate marketing type program which takes the creativity part out of it. The program was outside of what they offer and was with another company so my overall experience with Russell Brunson and his team is positive.

  5. emmasurvey04@yahoo.fr Says:

    I’ve been trying to work online with internet marketing but with no success, I don’t know if this can help me but I would like to try it but I am having a problem with means of payment. Can you tell me how I can buy this product with wire transfer?

  6. ROY M. GILES Says:

    Works great!!!

  7. juliet Says:

    looks great but all links to buy product or promote product are no longer available?? confused.com.
    is there a link available.?

  8. admin Says:

    Looks like it’s been closed.

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